Real Functional Muscle – Real Weight Loss – Real RESULTS.

Get Incredibly Strong, Lean and Confident
In This CoreX MMA Program.

Proven To Give You Better Results Than
Insanity, CrossFit, or P90X.


Dear Friend,

You’ve probably watched the UFC or an MMA match on TV and said “I’d like to learn that, but don’t have an interest in getting my nose busted or stepping in the ring.” If so… then this incredible CoreX MMA Program is for you.

The fact is, that if you’re still working out at a gym… then STOP. Gyms Don’t Work because the best shaped guys are the ones doing Mixed Martial Arts. The same incredible athletes you see on TV fighting in the cage.

The concentration of the “CORE” muscles in your abs and the intensity in which you hit focus pads, jump rope, and lift sandbags is what makes Adventure Mixed Martial Arts “CoreX MMA” program the ultimate “gym killer” and allows you to get in the best shape of your life… WITHOUT GETTING HIT or GETTING BORED.


CoreX MMA Is The Shortcut To The Body You Want.

You don’t need to drag your body to a dull gym. AND… it doesn’t take hours to get your body BACK into shape. In fact in our CoreX MMA program you can see a whole years worth of results in just 90 days. In this CoreX MMA class you’ll…

  • You’ll notice your body becoming leaner and toner. You’ll have power, but you won’t be bulky. You’ll look athletic — but not puffy, or thick.
  • You’ll notice the sculpted, chiseled and functional muscle you’ve NEVER had before, even from weights.
  • You’ll notice how you can knock the stress out of your life and be happier – All The Time.
  • Learn REAL MMA skills like: Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, MMA & Self Defense.


The Secret On Why CoreX MMA Works Better Than
P90x, Crossfit, and the Gym.

  • You perform bursts of maximum intensity MMA specific drills with short periods of rest. You get the anaerobic and aerobic intervals that can burn up to 1,000 calories in one class.
  • Be More Attractive because you’ll have a truly functional MMA body that respond to whatever you need. Have the endurance of a marathon runner so you can “go for hours,” blast up a flight of stairs, or just keep up with the kids or grandkids all day.
  • It’s a total body conditioning program that pushes you past your limits.
  • REAL CONFIDENCE that you can actually handle yourself if a bad situation ever occurred. Your not just punching the air… you’re working focus mits, bag work and learning to duck, bob and weave.
  • FACE IT!!! MMA fighters are the most conditioned athletes in the world. You will get the same experience WITHOUT getting hit or losing your teeth.
  • We use suspension trainers (TRX), sandbags, jump ropes, ladder drills, Kettlebells… the works. This guarantees a consistently fun and challenging workout.
  • The instructors are REAL martial artists who guaranatee that you are constantly being challenged and NEVER bored.
  • WARNING! Don’t come to class if you’re expecting your grandma’s kickboxing workout. This is for those looking to take their fitness to the ultimate level.

“I reluctantly tried this program and was dead after the first class… but wow… I stuck with it and am getting incredible results. It will definitely push you past your comfort level!”

Jeremy, Strongsville OH


“I lost over 32 pounds already. I love the structure of the classes and the discipline is what I need in my life right now. It’s a great environment and everybody is willing to lend a helping hand.”

Shane, Brunswick OH


“Be prepared for fast changes in your body. In the first 3 weeks I lost over 11 pounds. Total so far is 23 and my body is leaner and more tone.  I was working out at a gym and never got these kinds of results… plus I have bragging rights to tell all my friends I train like the UFC guys you see on TV.  It’s a hard workout but it’s fun. Everyone should at least try it.  When I leave Adventure Mixed Martial Arts I feel so much energy.  It’s great.”

Bob, Medina OH


Yes! I Want A Years Worth Of Results In 90 Days.

This CoreX MMA Program Is The Real Shortcut To Transforming Your Body and Learning REAL MMA Styles Of Fighting Like Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ and Self Defense:

  • NO Boring Gym! REAL MMA Fitness that makes you feel and look years younger.
  • Get the hardest body you’ve ever had.
  • Learn MMA Skills that build your confidence.

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We offer a 2-for-1 on our intro classes, so grab a friend and you’ll both get the intro lesson, class and a No Whining t-shirt for just $19! Appointments are required for all intro lessons.

On the day of your MMA intro appointment, you’ll come for the 30-minute intro lesson and stay immediately after to participate in a CoreX MMA class, so be prepared to spend at least 90 minutes with us that day. Be sure to dress comfortably as you would to work out.