4 Important Updates At Adventure 

1) Covid
2) Parking
3) Character Sheets and Stripes
4) Belts for Fitness Kickboxing

1) The Board of Health visited us last week and said we are not to have anybody in the lobby due to the space requirements and Covid guidelines. They said that drop off and pick up is fine but to be sure that parents or spectators can NOT be in the lobby.

In order to keep our doors open, we do have to change our class times to ensure social distancing in the lobby during pick up and drop off time. So all Mighty Orca classes (ages 4-6) M-Th that normally start at 4:30 need to move back to 4:15pm starting this week.

We are so sorry for the last minute change and appreciate your understanding. The last thing we want is for our Black Belt school to be shut down.

2) Everyone must also wear masks and the kids are permitted to take theirs off after we line up for class. As soon as class ends, students are required to put their masks back on in the lobby area.

1) Reminder that parking for Adventure MMA is in front of the studio (street parking) or behind the Shell Gas Station off Snow Rd. The owners of the BBQ shop and Party Center next door came in and said that they are going to start towing cars if anyone parks in their lot (off Gerald Ave).

1) Kids Karate class (ages 7+) were handed out their new character sheets for February. They are to be filled out and turned in by the end of the month. All Sensei's are also covering this Character Lesson for the month during class.

2) Might Orca's (ages 4-6). Staring in a few weeks, students will now be earning belt stripes every week based off lessons on Teamwork, Discipline, Focus, etc. Each student needs to earn 8 stripes on their current belt in order to be able to belt graduate.

1) All fitness kickboxing students will need to start wearing a karate belt in class. These belts are extremely important because they will help the instructors know what level you’re at. That way they can provide you with the appropriate amount of coaching and detailed instruction. We want to give you a more personalized workout plan and by wearing belts, the coaches can see your level and challenge you for the next level. There are no costs for the belt.

Adventure MMA